Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!

How to Shop and Save:


Find YOUR shopping time

that works best for your schedule!

Open to the Public:
Friday, 9am-7pm
Saturday 9am-5pm
Sunday 8am-1pm

Admission is $3 or you can join our Facebook Event for a free admission pass!

We also have special presale shopping hours.  Click here to find out if you qualify.




Shop + Save

Bring your biggest shopping bags

and your BFF to this savings extravaganza!

You’ll nd aisles of the best in gently-loved

and new items at great savings!


Check out!

We gladly accept cash, checks, debit, & credit cards for payment!

It is a great idea to bring your own shopping bags or a laundry basket to put your purchases in.  We also have huge, custom, JBF bags for sale at checkout.


Friday, October 12th: Opening Day!

Open 9am-7pm; $3 Admission(18 & older) Kids are Free!

Saturday, October 13th:

Open 9am-5pm; $3 Admission(18 & older) Kids are Free!

Sunday, October 14th: Half Price Day!

50% off items WITHOUT a star for ALL Shoppers!
Open 8am-1pm; FREE Admission

Join our Facebook Event to stay up to date on contests before the sale and items coming through during the sale!


Shopping Tips:

  • We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & debit cards.
  • We have large bags you can use while at the event and a hold area for items you are purchasing.
  • Make a list! With almost 50 thousand items at the sale it is easy to get distracted.
  • Bring your child's measurements- trace their feet so you know their shoe size, use a piece of yarn to measure their waist, inseam, height, etc.
  • Shop a few sizes up in case of a growth spurt before the next sale.
  • Kids and strollers are welcome Thursday at 6pm through Sunday.  (Only wearable infants will be allowed in before 6pm on Thursday.)  We are unable to allow children to play with the toys at the sale as they are the property of the consignors.
  • Be flexible and plan enough time to shop.
  • Shopping with a friend can be a lot more fun!
  • Shop early, check back after the mid-sale drop off, and come back for the 1/2 price sale!




Amarillo Civic Center

South Exhibit Hall

Entrance 2 to come in!



Rebecca E

April 05, 2018

"It’s hard enough to let my kids stuff go, but with JBF I know it’s going to someone who needs it and will get use out of it! It’s so easy and I get money for the items and don’t have to store it until I have enough for a garage sale! "

Brianna B

April 04, 2018

How many people it reaches

Cathy F

April 04, 2018

Ease of selling and donating what doesn’t sell so I can clean out 2 times a year. When you pay to register that helps drive you to commit and get rid of stuff that isn’t played with any more or has been outgrown.

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Event Coordinator
Just Between Friends Amarillo


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As the the event coordinator for JBF Amarillo, I am a bargain queen, sports mom, avid runner and chocolate junkie...born & raised in the Texas panhandle!

I have owned JBF Amarillo since November 2010 and have been a part of the event since April 2009.

I love helping families in the Texas Panhandle make money and save money through this event.