Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!

Fall/Winter Event October 10-12, 2014

Website update in progress. Check back for registration updates.

Just Between Friends is Amarillo's largest and most unique place to SHOP & SELL for your kids! Make plans now to join us at our next sale as a CONSIGNOR, SHOPPER, VENDOR, OR VOLUNTEER!

Remember, consignors (sellers) at JBF make an average of $300-$375 per sale!  JBF Amarillo will have thousands of items for you to purchase for your growing family!

Please feel free to contact Stephanie if you have any questions.

I will see you at the event in October! ~ Stephanie

News Board: What's New this Sale?

New for Shoppers:

Enhanced shopping hours for our shoppers during public sale days.

New for Volunteers:

Volunteer scheduler changes to maximize your opportunities to shop early BEFORE we open to the public.  For as little as 4 hours you can volunteer to shop early!

A volunteers ONLY half price sale! One more perk of volunteering, you have the opportunity to shop the half price sale the night before we open to consignors and the public!

New for Consignors:

Be sure and check our new limitation on Junior clothing on our "Sell" page.

2ND Consignor Drop Off: We are excited to announce that we are offering a 2nd consignor drop off starting this event.  Please see our "Sell" page for details!

Join our Frequent Consignor Club! If you plan on consigning with us for all 2014 events this is an amazing way for you to enjoy benefits given only to those in the club! For $30 you receive all of the following:

1. Consignor fee is paid up front and not taken out of check.
2. Access to sign up for a specific drop off time. No waiting in line.
3. Shop even earlier at the presale.
4. Receive TWO Guest passes to get in to the presale.
5. Receive a $10 gift certificate to shop any Amarillo event during 2014. (Mailed after waiver is received)

BIG TICKET INCENTIVE! Want to see a furniture set, high-end stroller or other kid friendly item you have invested a lot of money in? Bring it to JBF Amarillo! You will earn 80% on any item tagged $150 or higher that sells (limit 3 items per sale and must be approved at check in).  Avoid having strangers come into your home or the hassle of meeting up with a potential buyer and still earn a lot of money! E-mail Stephanie with any questions!

ONLY 7-Digit Universal Consignor Numbers (UCN) will be accepted now. If you have items you want to sell with the old number please re-tag with your new UCN.

Bedding- Due to popular demand, we will be accepting bedding for the Fall/Winter.  Please refer to the Sell Page to find out exactly what we will require for bedding to be brought.

We will no longer be accepting Cassettes or VHS tapes.

All About JBF!

How can you participate?

Consingor/Seller (tag and sell your items)
Valet Consignor/Seller (someone tags your items for you)
Shopper (come and shop the bargains!) We accept CASH, CHECK, VISA,Mastercard and Discover Cards
Volunteer (shop the bargains FIRST)
E-mail/Mailing List (receive the latest sale news and savings information)
Promote Your Business in our Family Pak or as a Vendor!

Directions: Need a Map?

From the Interchange:

  • Take Buchanan North to the Civic Center
  • Entrance 5

From Amarillo Blvd:

  • Take Pierce St
  • Turn left on 3rd
  • Turn right on Lincoln
  • Entrance 5

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A Peek at the Amarillo Event